VW / Audi EA888 4 Bar Map Sensor Kit

VW / Audi EA888 4 Bar Map Sensor Kit

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The Precision Raceworks EA888.3 MAP SENSOR KIT (4 BAR) is a plug and play solution for customers looking to exceed 29psi with their EA888.3 engine. This kit includes 2 Genuine Bosch 4 bar T-MAP sensors to replace the existing sensors in your car, necessary wiring harness to allow for direct plug and play solution with the factory wiring, and necessary mounting hardware for securing the T-Map securely to the manifold so it does not come out or leak.

Software tuning is required to use this product, please contact your tuner or software company to ensure they have the capability of tuning the car with 4 bar map sensor conversion.

Customer Warning:

Buyers please be aware of cheap “knock off” none Genuine Bosch sensors. There are also some kits which do not properly secure Map sensor to manifold and kits using aluminum adapters which cause heat soak and incorrect readings from the map sensor.  Our kit has none of these problems and is the #1 choice for tuners around the world so buy with confidence.

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Weight: .25 lbs

Sensor Brand: Bosch

Plug and play connections: Yes

Mounting Hardware: Anodized mounting bracket included

Pressure/Voltage Relationship: Linear - 50kPa @ 0.5 V  -  400kPa @ 4.5 V 

Voltage Limitation: 250 mV - 4480 mV