VTT VAG RS3/TTRS/Golf 7R/S3 Double Adjust Drag Shock Kit

VTT VAG RS3/TTRS/Golf 7R/S3 Double Adjust Drag Shock Kit

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Looking to maximize your RS3 or TTRS for drag racing? Want to be able to dial in the perfect amount of compression or rebound on your launch? The VTT Double adjust drag shock kit is just want the doctor ordered. On FWD-biased cars you want to eliminate as much rear suspension squat as possible, as well as have the rebound as loose as possible. On RWD cars you want to tune the squat to keep the tires planted, control the rebound to maximize traction, and avoid tire shake. These shocks allow 10 separate adjustments for Rebound and compression so you can dial it in EXACTLY as you need for your setup, and track conditions.

We developed custom shock mounts out of billet aluminum with no rubber to remove any movement on the shocks, as well as hardened shock extenders to convert the shocks to the correct length. If you have Mag Ride, you will need to order the eliminators to avoid suspension malfunction codes.

The kit includes:

  • 2 – VTT Billet Shock mounts which will eliminate any movement
  • 2 – Double Adjust drag shocks
  • 2 – Spacers
  • 2 – Hardened shock extenders
  • 2 – Genuine KW Mag Ride eliminators (if needed)

Suggested settings: For RS3/TTRS/S3/Golf 7R running stock Haldex control with a heavy front bias, we suggest full hard on compression to avoid Squat, and full loose on rebound to get the weight back forward as quickly as possible. If you are running a controller to move more power to the rear, you can adjust to take advantage of the squat and keep the rear tires planted.