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The Precision Raceworks SAI (Secondary Air Injection) Block off plate is a great way to safely remove the SAI pump which is prone to failure and leaking. This kit comes with a billet block off plate CNC machined from 6061 aluminum that has been anodized to prevent corrosion and a new gasket to guarantee a perfect seal every time.

When should I remove by SAI System?
The SAI system is prone to failure even at stock levels which can cause issues with turbo boost.  If you notice SAI error codes for the car or if you suspect a leak this is an ideal time to delete it.

Deleting the SAI system can also be done as preventative action to ensure you do not have issue later down the road.

Removing the SAI system not only provides better reliability but it also reduces unnecessary weight which makes it a perfect match for racing applications.

Is this street legal?
This product is not intended for use on vehicles used on public roadways.  It is the owners responsibility to ensure removal of emission system components is allowed in their area even if being used off road or in closed coursed venues.

NOTE:  Removing your SAI system will cause check engine codes, proper programming is required to turn these codes off. This part is for OFF ROAD use only.

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