DBV2 Volkswagen MQB/EVO4 Fitment True Front Mount Intercooler + Crash Bar Kit

DBV2 Volkswagen MQB/EVO4 Fitment True Front Mount Intercooler + Crash Bar Kit

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DBV2 Sport Imports is proud to present a first for the 2.0 MQB & EVO4 platform - A True Front Mount Intercooler with Crash Bar Kit.

Gone are the days of suffering from excessive heat soak and high intake air temperatures(IAT) on your high performance MQB Volkswagen. Developed in part with our fabrication partner - Matt Mogaredo - we have brought to market the ultimate cooling solution. Designed to feature OEM level fitment with little trimming required to house the large 1000HP CSF core while incorporating structural and occupant safety with an included 1.5" chromoly steel crash bar. Other companies who offer a FMIC solution, recklessly require you to trim your factory crash bar. The factory crash bar is tied into the frame of the car, cutting/trimming jeopardizes your safety in the event of a collision. We all love to go fast, we at DBV2 has your safety in mind. 

Enjoy weight savings with our kit! Factory crash bar with aftermarket stock location intercooler weighs 60 lbs - weight can vary depending on brand. The DBV2 FMIC Kit has a total weight of 43.5 lbs - a 16.5 lbs front end drop in weight! A performance gain with weight savings - Major win!



  • 2.5" (63mm) Inlet pipe
  • 2.75" (70mm) Outlet pipe
  • CSF 1000 HP Core
  • Waterjet exact fit crash bar end plates
  • Waterjet hand welded aluminum end tanks
  • Optional oil cooler brackets (iAbed/VWR fitment)
  • Optional radar brackets (PFL MK7 ONLY)
  • Option hot side 1/8 NPT bung
  • Optional BLACK powder coating of crash bar 
  • Optional tow hook bung 

Below graph showing the cooling effects of our FMIC kit paired to a Do It Yourself G30-900 full frame kit. 32c starting IAT dropping to 17c, a 15c reducing in temperatures seen on the dyno after back to back dyno pulls during a dyno tune session. 

Graph below shows same car fitted with competing name brand FMIC sized 26” x 7 ⅞” x 3.0”. Same G30-900 turbo kit, at lower boost. IAT rises far sooner in the RPM band, intercooler cannot support the turbo. Log was performed on the road where optimal airflow for cooling was present.

Straight 2.5" and 2.75" couplers included for connection to user's charge pipes. Please confirm your charge pipe size, user may need to source different couplers to fit their off brand charge pipes.

**Stock location intercooler delete brackets are required for installing. Currently we do not produce them, however very affordable from ECS Tuning. Users can leave stock location cooler in place to install our upgrade intercooler. **