DBV2 True 3.5” MQB Intake Aluminum

DBV2 True 3.5” MQB Intake Aluminum

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DBV2 Sport Imports Limited is proud to present the True 3.5" MQB Intake system finished in aluminum! This is the only TRUE 3.5" intake on the market that is equipped a 6" velocity stack ensuring maximum flow and velocity for your MQB platform vehicle. Supporting hardware to aid in lowering turbocharger duty cycle, increase flow intake, which in return allows end users to effectively increase output of their tune resulting in more power! More power equates to more smiles per gallon!


Standard features of the intake system include:

- 3.5" 16 gauge mandrel bent aluminum piping
- 6" Vibrant velocity stack
- 6" Vibrant bellmouth air filter
- 3.5-3" 90* 5 ply Custom silicone coupler
- 1/8 NPT bung for fitment of vacuum source from intake manifold
- Pairs perfectly with our True 3" Inlet 
- Fully hand crafted and TIG welded in Ontario

If you are looking for a no BS intake that simply fits, flows, performs, and sounds fantastic, this is the ultimate intake system for you. We have been manufacturing and fitting these to all our builds locally and internationally for many years, and now it is publicly available for you! Tested and performing on several 500-600 whp stock frame turbo vehicles, along with several of 700+ whp G30 G35 full frame builds. 


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