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Do you own an MQB platform car with multi-port injection? Upgraded fuel lines? Ever had the larger fuel line pop off due to the factory high-pressure fuel pump barb fitting being sized incorrectly? Then look no further! DBV2 has designed and built the perfect solution for your fuel system. 

Our MQB HPFP Cap   goes beyond just machining a billet cap that accepts a -6 fitting. We have increased the amount of internal ports to accommodate a larger bore fitting, ensuring that not only are you getting the benefits of AN connection, but you’re also feeding the high pressure pump adequate fuel. 


  • Billet stainless steel HPFP cap
  • M14 copper crush washer seal
  • M14 to -6 fitting

On request we could offer a -6 to -8 fitting for those with extreme fuel system needs. 

** Professional installation is heavily recommended due to the dangers of fire from improper installation. You will be required to complete the fuel line setup from your rail OUT to the HPFP cap. Consult the manufacturer of your rail to get the rail thread pitch.**