DBV2 EVO4 Volkswagen MK8 R Audi 8YS3 AWD Fitment 4” Downpipe

DBV2 EVO4 Volkswagen MK8 R Audi 8YS3 AWD Fitment 4” Downpipe

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We present the only true downpipe upgrade for the EVO4 platform. While we are not the first to offer a downpipe solution, we are the first to truly engineer and produce a solution that properly sizes up the downpipe accordingly to the size of the turbo’s turbine housing. Inside diameter of the new Continental measures in at roughly 3.6” so naturally sizing an offering down smaller than the physical housing was illogical, thus the inception of our 4” downpipe.

Meticulously handcrafted in Ontario by the best Matt Morgadoo, specifically CAD designed and CNC machined flanges for a perfect fit, seal, and zero restriction union to the turbine housing. As with all of our hardware that we produce, expect nothing but quality and superb fitment. Shown is a catless variant, however we do have catted options for those looking for emissions compliant hardware, equipped with the best catalytic converters from GESI.

Interlocking V Band with quick disconnect clamp to secure our 4” upper section to our 3.5” lower midpipe section, you can be assured a proper seal and ease of install/removal. Lastly, like our MK7 MQB downpipes, our EVO4 units offer OEM Catback connection points or 3” aftermarket connection points at no additional cost to the end user. We are excited to be able to offer a thoroughly thought out downpipe solution with performance and quality in mind for this brand new platform! Just in time to utilize the many software offerings that are now starting to trickle in for the platform.


Standard features of the downpipe include:

- Locally machined 4" 304 stainless turbo outlet flange

- 4" 16 gauge 304 mandrel bent stainless steel piping

- 4" 304 Stainless steel flex bellow

- 3.5" Interlocking V Band set with quick release clamp

- 1/2" Solid 304 Stainless Steel hanger brackets

- Smooth low angle transition 3.5" to stock catback adapter

- Fully TIG welded and back purged

- Direct fit! Bolts to OEM and direct fit aftermarket catback systems

Specific CAD designed true fit turbo exhaust housing outlet flange ensuring zero restriction in flow

This is the ultimate in quality, performance, and fitment for the EVO4 platform. We have spared no compromise in delivering a high quality handcrafted product to fit the needs of your high performance MK8 Golf R or Audi 8Y S3.

* Model shown is catless variant with 3" catback connection point. Catted variants require o2 extension harness due to catalytic converter placement on mid-pipe *

* O2 Sensor harness required for EPA catted variants where users do not want a CEL. We do not sell or provide harnesses, they can be purchased online for very low cost *