DBV2 MQB Charge Pipe Kit

DBV2 MQB Charge Pipe Kit

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We are happy to announce the definitive MQB charge piping solution! The
DBV2 MQB Charge Pipe Kit includes enlarged diameter brushed finished aluminum tubing - Turbo Outlet Discharge Pipe, Throttle Body Pipe,
Increased diameter Big Bore Turbo Muffler Delete, strong 5 ply silicone
couplers, and stainless steel T-Bolt clamps. Sized in accordance to allow
the highest flow possible while reducing boost swell from flimsy low ply silicone couplers - more piping, less silicone!


  • 2.5" (63mm) Discharge Pipe
  • 2.75" (70mm) Throttle Pipe
  • Multilayer 5 ply silicone couplers
  • Vibrant Performance tubing & clamps
  • CNC machined 6061 Map sensor flange with M6 hardwar
  • Fitment for both DSG6 & DSG7 equipped cars
  • Fitment for 6MT equipped cars
  • Hand fabricated in Canada by GT Custom Exhaust

Independently flow tested for unbiased marketing results. Expect flow gains of 5-47% depending on hardware configuration. Increased volume while not increasing turbo lag, improve turbo charger efficiency through wastegate duty cycle. Our kit replaces the need for the long flimsy silicone hoses that are included with factory location intercoolers, which are known to cause boost swell and inconsistent boost delivery on high boost high power application cars.

Designed for use with 63mm end tank factory location intercoolers - larger 70mm end tank intercooler couplers are available. Please measure and select the appropriate size.

*fitment with large enclosed boxed intakes have not all been confirmed. AMS carbon enclosed intake have been confirmed.